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The Old Rectory was built in 1830 by the Church of England, having been designed by Edward Blore who is better known as the architect of Buckingham Palace after John Nash was sacked.

In 1950, the Old Rectory was bought by the Holme family from the Church, and reportedly was so overgrown that the new owners had to leave their car at the end of the drive to access the house which had stood empty for some time. This links in with the reason that sheep are kept in the surrounding paddocks, as they were the first occupants when the family acquired the house, to help with the clearance of the overgrown garden.

From 1950 - 2018, the house has been a family home, with many guests visiting for parties and celebrations, and with countless animals and children running around enjoying the space and tranquility of the North Essex countryside.

Now the current family still live next door and run the Old Rectory, however the house has been cleared and made more suitable for other families, friends and groups to enjoy as a place to have some good meals, late night chatting around the fire and enjoy the surroundings!

Professional film shoots and other location enquiries are welcome.


Self Catered as accommodation

£1100 per night (min 2 night booking)

20th Dec 2019 - 1st Jan 2020 £1500 per night (min 4 night booking)

Film location

£2000 per day/night for cast and crew up to 18 (more than 18 C&C POA), inclusive of all gardens and grounds inc woodland and paddocks for trailers and crew (access for 24 hrs - £300 per hour there after).

Further T&C’s apply - and we reserve the right to refuse any booking we feel unsuitable.

Cook services

We are happy to recommend a cook to come and provide meals for your party. Rates vary however cooks usually charge £300-400 per day depending on what is required, plus ingredients and shopping time.