Reception Rooms


The Dining Room


The Dining Room

The most important room in the house. The Dining room has a table once used by the secretaries of Jones & Sons Solicitors, by Colchester Town hall. It boasts many scratches and marks from the old type writers, and combined with it’s use as a dining room table has been used by no doubt thousands of people.

The table can seat up to 18 if extended with a side table, or 12 comfortably stood alone.

Alongside is a baby grand piano, which sits on the opposite side of the room to the large open fire place. The Victorian bay windows overlook the Rhododendrons on the front lawn.

The dining room is accessed directly from the Hall or Kitchen.


The Drawing Room

The Drawing Room

Before lunch, this room is bright with sunshine, so perfect for an aperitif, or later on a digestif after a long meal.

It is also a place for parlour games and general relaxing.

There are 3 sofa’s, a club fender, and 2 armchairs.


The Library

The Library / Snug

If socialising has become unbearable - the Library / Snug is a perfect escape room. With underfloor heating it is cosy and normally quite quiet!

A TV and DVD player are ready (though you must bring your own DVD’s) and plenty of different books (roughly in some sort of order!)


The Hall + Landings

The Hall + Landings

The main entrance to the house welcomes guests with a woodburning stove, and comfortable seating. It is often a good place to head to for those after a quiet reading spot. The view from the front door overlooks the drive, tennis court and on to the row of tall Lime trees, which in the early evening, can create some beautiful silhouettes with the sunset.

The stairs leading upstairs pass the largest window in the house, which over looks the kitchen garden, with a large 1897 ordinance survey map of the local area.